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Patriot Candidates

Janice McGeachin


Janice McGeachin, running for Idaho Governor,  is Idaho's 43rd Lieutenant Governor. She served as a State Representative from 2002- 2012. Janice is a devoted wife, a proud mother, a successful business owner, and a conservative Christian. Janice is willing to defend and support school choice and replace CRT with constitutional instruction. Janice will stand up and preserve your liberties and ensure Idaho maintains it's sovereignty. 

Priscilla Giddings

Priscilla Giddings is running for Idaho Lt. Governor. Priscilla has jumped on the back of a motorcycle for Panhandle Patriots RC's 9/11 Ride 2021. Priscilla is a 3 tour combat vet, has nearly 1,000 combat flight hours, expert marksman of M9 & M4, awarded Top Gun, she fought for us, it's time to fight for her! Let's help her fight for liberty and keep Idaho free. We have personally seen her stand up against lies and propaganda that the left will so easily slander good upstanding Americans with.  It's important to get out and vote for a true American hero.

Dorthy Moon

Dorthy Moon is running for Secretary of State. Dorthy is a three-term Idaho state rep. She has a Bachelor's of Science degree in Resource Planning and a Masters of Science in Resource Planning. Dorthy is a proud owner of President Moon and Associates INC for the past 27 years. Dorthy is also a proud wife and mother of two sons. Dorthy is willing to help keep our elections truthful, voter identification, and ballot security.  Vote Dorthy Moon for Secretary of State. 

Todd Engel

Todd Engel is Idahoan of almost 30 years, a hunter, fisherman, off-grid living cabin builder, and working-class citizen of the great state of Idaho. Todd is running  for District 1 seat B of the Idaho House of Representatives. Todd stood up for our rights and freedoms at The Bundy Ranch in 2014. Todd's participation in that protest, caused him to be sentenced to 14 years in federal prison. After 4.5 years behind bars, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the jury's convictions due to constitutional and due process violations and the government refused to put Todd on trial again. Todd was released from prison "with prejudice" with his rights restored. Even after the horrendous ordeal that he had to endure, he still remains stead fast to ensure our liberties and freedom. Todd is a true American patriot.  Please vote and let your voices be heard for a man who will fight for us. 

Joe Alfieri

Joe Alfieri is running for Idaho State Rep Seat 4A. Joe is willing to repeal the grocery tax, reduce income tax, and reform and lower property taxes. Joe is also willing to end government overreach by protecting individual medical freedom, no vaccine or mask mandates, and no business or job is "unessential". Joe is a great candidate who has spoken at many Panhandle Patriots RC's events. Joe is a refugee from New York, he knows first hand what corruption and lack of law and order can bring to a city. This is why he chose to come to Idaho. Joe will fight like hell to ensure Idaho does not turn into California. Vote for Joe Alfieri!

Justin Allen AKA THE JUDGE

Justin Allen is running for Careywood Precinct Committeeman. We know Justin as The Judge. Judge is our Vice President of Panhandle Patriots RC. Justin is a proud business owner of Patriot Concrete for the past 6 years. We feel it's only fair to let you know a little bit about the man, Justin Allen aka The Judge. Justin is not a boastful man, he has done a lot of good in this community and others. He has never looked for a pat on the back or recognition for the good deeds he has done. It makes him feel a little awkward because for him, it is simply the right thing to do. He has pulled exploited young girls out of dope houses, stopped drug sales on the streets of Spokane, pulled money out of his own pocket to help a vet with no legs that was in dire straights. Actually he wanted no one to know about it, but hell with that. Men of honor, integrity, and strengths are very far and few between. Justin Allen by no means is a career politician, will he do the right thing? Bet on it. He does not have a price tag. Justin is a write in vote, make sure to help him, help you. Write in Justin Allen for your Careywood Precinct Committeeman. 
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