SOS For America Gala Auction Items

AR Customs:   One XL  sweatshirt, one XL t-shirt, one set of Decibullz earplugs, one set of exploding targets, one pitbull mag, one package of 9mm ammo, one package of 40 mm  ammo, one  package of 308 ammo, one package of 45 apc ammo, one package of 223 ammo, and one American flag.

Artful Dodger: One $300 tattoo

Priscilla Giddings: A bottle of wine, hat, and a book signed by Priscilla.

Fins and Feathers: American Hero We Go2 fishing rod,  Lew's fishing reel, and Fins and Feathers fishing rod flag.  Lew's is dedicated to helping Veterans get back on the water.  American Hero 's pledge is Never Forget. 

Black Sheep: One $200 gift card

Junior's: One $25 gift card

Relic Smokehouse: Three $25 gift cards

Rustic: One $25 gift card

Beacon: One $25 gift card

Rokko's: One $50 gift card

Kaiju Sushi: One $50 gift card

Crickets: One $35 gift card