About us

We are Patriots from the Panhandle of North Idaho who love to ride. We welcome new members who are Patriots and who love our Constitution. We love to help women, children, and vets who are in need. We are community oriented. We will stand up for the betterment of our community and nation.

Mission Statement

We ride to uphold the constitution, help communities local and national. We stand as American free citizens irregardless of political affiliation, color, or creed at the end of the day we are all Americans. We protect those behind us, respect those on our side, and will stand firm against all enemies and those who would bring harm to this country. Truth, honesty, integrity, and respect is our goal that this country should remain free for generations to come.


  • Honesty, Integrity, Strength, and Respect, ergo failure to abide by these moral principals is grounds for patch removal.

  • When you are representing the Club a person is expected to be professional and courteous. This includes but is not limited to when wearing your cut and riding. 

  • Mind your own business, ergo do not willfully involve your self in matters that are none of your concern and/or are not in your purview.

  • Prospecting period will not be less than nine months.

  • Hang around period will not be less than three months.

  • New Members will not be included in privileged Club Business.

  • Club business will not be discussed with non members.

  • Club meetings will be on the last Sunday of each month.

  • All for one, and one for all.

  • $20 monthly dues will be paid to the Treasurer.

  • Family First, ergo if a club member has family duties and/or responsibilities to take care of attendance to meetings and events can be excused. 

  • A Hang-around and Prospect will have a mentor.

  • No intoxication and/or drinking with your cut on. There will be no drunk driving ergo keys will be surrendered. 

  • The use of any hard drugs will not be tolerated.

  • Awarding a Full Patch Membership requires a unanimous vote by all Full Patch Members. 

  • Inactive Full Patch Members will not have a vote in club business. 

  • The Sargent at Arms may impose a $20 fine for Bylaw violation. 

  • If Club members violate Bylaws in a fashion that is serious or compounding the  corrective and/or punitive action will be decided by the executive board ergo the President, Vise President, Sargent at arms, and Secretary.

  • The Sargent of Arms has authority to move autonomously into action according to his understanding of the bylaws.

  • The Sargent of Arms is chief mediator between all club members and will handle all grievances expeditiously. Additionally, the Sargent of Arms will resolve any grievances and/or conflicts within the club.

  • The Sargent of Arms is the chief enforcer of bylaws and chief officer in ensuring accountability, due possess, and justice.